• How will geo- and ecosystem functions respond to the global environmental and societal transformations?

  • What are the spatiotemporal dynamics of change in the land-atmosphere water, energy, and carbon feedback systems?

  • How can we quantify and assess Biodiversity-Ecosystem-Functioning (BEF) relationships across scales?

  • How can we best integrate remote sensing techniques and modeling frameworks to improve our understanding of the Earth system?

Answering fundamental research questions of this kind and developing the right tools for this endeavour is the scientific mission of the RSC4Earth. Also key to our mission is preparing the next generation of Earth system sciences for addressing this quest.

Recent Publications

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A Roadmap for High-Resolution Satellite Soil Moisture Applications – Confronting Product Characteristics with User Requirements

Soil moisture observations are of broad scientific interest and practical value for a wide range of applications. The scientific …

A Typology of Compound Weather and Climate Events

Compound weather and climate events describe combinations of multiple climate drivers and/or hazards that contribute to societal or …

Meet the Team


Principal Investigators


Hannes Feilhauer

Professor for Remote Sensing in Geo- and Ecosystem Research


Miguel D. Mahecha

Professor and head of the Earth System Data Science group


Jian Peng

Professor for Hydrology and Remote Sensing/Head of Remote Sensing Department (UFZ)


Michael Vohland

Professor for Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing



Almudena García-García

Post doctoral scientist / Remote Sensing Department (UFZ)


Christopher Hutengs

Research assistant / Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing


Teja Kattenborn

Post doctoral scientist / Remote Sensing in Geo- and Ecosystem Research


Guido Kraemer

Post doctoral scientist / Earth System Data Science


Milena Moenks

PhD candidate / Earth system Data Science


Friederike Naegeli de Torres

PhD Candidate / Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing


Michael Seidel

Research assistant / Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing


Khalil Teber

Student assistant / Earth System Data Science


Sebastian Wieneke

Research associate / Earth System Data Science

Scientific portfolio


Earth System Data Lab

The Earth System Data Lab is a virtual laboratory providing global earth observation data sets and processing tools.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the RSC4Eath does not host public talks at the facilities of the Leipzig University or UFZ in 2020.

Brief History



Leipzig University & UFZ

Sep 2020 – Present
In September 2020 all new professors started their work in the RSC4Earth and started to build their teams.

Implementation phase

Leipzig University & UFZ

Jan 2019 – Dec 2019
Scouting internationally for new people to help building and implementing the new centre.


Leipzig University & UFZ

Jan 2018 – Dec 2018
Given the rapid advances in remote sensing and data-driven methods, the Leipzig University and UFZ decided to join forces and strengthen the excellent research already implemented in the grand context of biodiversity research, meteorology, and ecosystem ecology.