The EnMAP-Box – a Toolbox and Application Programming Interface for EnMAP Data Processing


The EnMAP-Box is a toolbox that is developed for the processing and analysis of data acquired by the German spaceborne imaging spectrometer EnMAP (Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program). It is developed with two aims in mind in order to guarantee full usage of future EnMAP data, i.e., (1) extending the EnMAP user community and (2) providing access to recent approaches for imaging spectroscopy data processing. The software is freely available and offers a range of tools and applications for the processing of spectral imagery, including classical processing tools for imaging spectroscopy data as well as powerful machine learning approaches or interfaces for the integration of methods available in scripting languages. A special developer version includes the full open source code, an application programming interface and an application wizard for easy integration and documentation of new developments. This paper gives an overview of the EnMAP-Box for users and developers, explains typical workflows along an application example and exemplifies the concept for making it a frequently used and constantly extended platform for imaging spectroscopy applications.

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