Sgdm: An r Package for Performing Sparse Generalized Dissimilarity Modelling with Tools for Gdm


Global biodiversity change creates a need for standardized monitoring methods. Modelling and mapping spatial patterns of community composition using high-dimensional remotely sensed data requires adapted methods adequate to such datasets. Sparse generalized dissimilarity modelling is designed to deal with high dimensional datasets, such as time series or hyperspectral remote sensing data. In this manuscript we present sgdm, an R package for performing sparse generalized dissimilarity modelling (SGDM). The package includes some general tools that add functionality to both generalized dissimilarity modelling and sparse generalized dissimilarity modelling. It also includes an exemplary dataset that allows for the application of SGDM for mapping the spatial patterns of tree communities in a region of natural vegetation in the Brazilian Cerrado.

ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information