Dataset of hydrological records in 5 min resolution of tributaries in the Mueglitz River Basin, Germany


We present a new hydrometric dataset that comprises water level and discharge time series measured at five tributaries draining sub-catchments of the mountainous Mueglitz River Basin in Germany. The monitoring sites were set up as far downstream as possible, taking into account technical and access restrictions. In total, 746,211 records of absolute pressure, electric conductivity, and water temperature were measured over 1.5 years (2019/04/24–2020/10/09) at a temporal resolution of 5 min using automatized dataloggers deployed at the streambed. The data was processed and is available for each site at various levels ranging from level 1–3. The level 1 data product contains merged and cleaned raw data, level 2 consists of water level time series based on local air pressure and surveying data measured on-site, and level 3 data includes stream discharge estimated by using the Manning formula. The data processing was performed with a generic workflow written in Python 3 which is referred to in this article for public use. The time series can be used to analyze extreme runoff events and catchment water balances, validate hydrological models, and for the planning of own measurement campaigns with similar objectives.

Data in Brief